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Slip on Shoes home

Now you are home, after a long day’s work, after saying goodbye to the hustle bustle of the office. Take a deep breath! Think what you should do next?

Yes, you are right. Its time to transform into your comfies and most of all your poor feet need to relax.

Then why not to own knitted and plush fleece slippers that keep your feet soft and toasty.

Trust me! These warm indoor shoes work like a charm to put you together for a new beautiful day.

Here are some indoor shoes you want to choose from:

HomeTop Women’s Cozy Indoor Shoes

Best Features:

  • Knitted & Plush Fleece

  • Easy cleaning slippers

  • Anti-slip

  • Skin Friendly Warm Plush Insole

  • Awesome Economical Holiday Gift



Halluci Women's Cozy Suede Slip on Shoes

Best Features:

  • Beautiful & elegant look spruced with Flush Fleece

  • Makes it a perfect holiday season gift for Her

  • Memory Foam Insole supports your feet

  • 3 colors available

  • Soft Rubber Sole which makes it anti-slip and absorbs noise

  • Firm Shoe Shape

Slip on Shoes


Sox Slippers

Sox slippers can be ideal too. If your house is fully carpeted you might want to enjoy these as well. Still, if you don’t mind feeling hard floor under your thin sox, you might buy these. You can always check out some great deals on Amazon and give these softies a shot this season. The best part is they are really easy to wash, and you don’t have to worry about the sole coming off the slipper when immersed in water.


K. Bell Sox Slippers

Best Features

  • 100% Polyester

  • Hand Wash

  • Animal Slipper

  • Non Skid

     black bunny sox slippersK. Bell has a wide range of products; there must be one for you.

    Bell Women's Crosshatch Texture Sox Slippers

    Best Features

    • 100% Acrylic

    • Pull On closure

    • Machine Wash

    • Cozy & comfortable

    • Sherpa lined slippers

    • Upper 100 percent acrylic/lining and outsole: 100 percent polyester

    • Non-skid, soft sole

    • Small/medium: shoe size 5-8.5, medium/large: shoe size 9-11


    gray sox slippers



    We have also made a selection of amazing indoor shoes for men. We would recommend to spend a few dollars more but buy a pair which seem to last longer than the rest. Nothing fits well to relax than a perfectly comfortable pair of slip on shoes. Who acquaints with style and fashion more than French Artisans? Christian Louboutin seems to be pretty fixated showing his preference of shoes:

    "A shoe is not only a design, but it's a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you're going to move is quite dictated by your shoes."

    And here we talk about none other than comfort shoes which shouldn’t only seem presentable but extremely comfy and snug to unwind you for tomorrow’s day at work. These magical indoor shoes ease your mind and body, slip into them and enjoy the peace that you can find nowhere after a tiring day.

    Let’s take a tour of best options available




    Best Features:           

    • Unisex Slippers

    • Wind-proof, outdoors-wearable and very comfortable

    • Awesome Economical Holiday Gift for Her

    • Warm fleece

    • Light as air - thickened memory foam layered up with the rubber sole

    • Heel Arc Design naturally aligns with the foot curve

    • Money-back guarantee from Amazon seller in case of a problem

    • 3 colors available

    Slip on Shoes



     Best Features:

    • Memory foam cushioned and supportive insole

    • Anti-skid rubber to support you doing the everyday house chores

    • Awesome Economical Holiday Gift for Him/Dad/friend

    • Easily available soft slippers online

    • Available in variety of sizes

    • 3 colors available

    Indoor Shoes
    Blue Indoor ShoesBlack Indoor Shoes

    How to take care of your cozy indoor shoes

    Shoes are also one of those accessories which need some care to last long. Nevertheless, it depends on the shoe quality as well.
    • Choose your type of indoor shoes according to your particular use. Do not wear that soft furry slipper outside, as you know what it might look like after.

    • Always read the care instructions before and after buying your slip on shoes. Do not use any detergent or chemical without making sure the safety of your slippers.

    • Once you have enjoyed your pair of shoes for the season, it would be highly recommended, to stuff your shoes with paper and plastic bags. Pack them up in a zip lock bag to protect from dust.

    Some simple washing & drying tips:

    • Always use moderate temperature water and light detergents

    • It would be recommended to wash your pair of slip on shoes in a light (water and detergent mix). If its cotton, dip it for 7-8 minutes with the fabric upside down and then gently rub the material with your fingers to squish out all the dirty ingredients. It is better to air dry shoes to avoid accidents in the drying spinner.

    • If your slipper is furry then use a gentle carpet cleaner (try using on an insignificant part of shoe first). Rub in the carpet cleaner for a minute or so, in this case less is more. Then wash it off and blow dry on minimum speed while comb drying your soft furry slipper.

    • Always be gentle with these materials because you never know what might kill your warm snugly pair of slippers in matter of seconds.

    Things to keep in mind when buying soft slippers online

    • Narrow feet/Wide feet choose size accordingly
    • Such shoes mostly do not have Arch Support
    • Most shoes may not have half sizes
    • Some Shoes are thick inside so choose your size carefully
    • Choose soft slippers online according to your daily use. If you want to wear it outdoors, perhaps you wouldn’t like a fabric type that is not easy to clean.
    • Ask as many questions from the seller as you can before buying the product. It is a great time saving technique.
    • Always buy your products from sellers who are willing to return if their product does not arrive as what has been presented.



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    Disclaimer: The best features are entirely claimed by the Amazon sellers




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