6 Tips on Trendy Mens Bracelets for a Richer Look

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If clothing is a cupcake, jewelry is frosting. While some men do not approve of jewelry, note there is always a more trendy and subtle way of presenting your jewelry. Throughout 2012 and 2013 we have witnessed the trend of men bracelets boom and develop into a go-to-accessory for stylish men. 

The bracelets with earthly tones are the way to go. The bracelets for men are a kind of jewelry which suits men with all energies, relaxed, laid back, active and playful.

Bracelet jewelry is really magical; giving you a modern look instead of letting you feel overdone or inappropriate. No matter if you are heading to a casual or a formal occasion, a variety of bracelets can spell out their distinct individuality. From leather to silicon bracelets, we walk you through a collection of top men bracelets which actually give you a rich look.


At this point you would like to find out how to create such a look

Keep it low key

Your attire is very important, if you do not wear your jewelry according to the clothing style, the jewelry may break your entire look. So use your jewelry to the best. For the subtlety and richness increase the variety of men bracelets that you own.

      1. Choose bracelets with a metal clasp and that fit your wrist well.

      2. Don’t wear very shiny bracelets like steel or other metal cuff   bracelets if you are looking for a subtle look.

      3. Single color bracelet is also a plus.

    Formal men bracelets

     Dress up with color contrasts

    Using color contrasts in your clothing can benefit you, remember, contrast should be mainly of two colors. If you use colors in variety, then you won’t get what you are aiming for. Dressing up casually and smartly will take your style a long way. Avoid the shabby look at all, it’s a big No! No! Really, no one will turn on.

             4. Go for bright colored shirts, shoes and match up your jewelry.

             5. Jewelry won’t uplift your style until you are dressed tastefully

             6. Wear less, don’t clutter your wrist.

    Casual mens bracelets


    Beaded Bracelets all the rage!

    While observing the street style, you must have noticed how both men and women love the bracelet combinations incorporating different textures and colors. The bead bracelets surely stand out and give it a little bit of chunkier look that we all need.

    From ethnic-inspired wooden beads to classy crystal/ebony forms to plastic statement varieties, the array of designs at present offer massive and delivers to carry out every individual taste.

    Black bead braceletcube bracelets unisex

    Multicolored Tango Mens Bracelets      COLORFUL VINTAGE HEART BEAD BRACELET FOR MEN & WOMEN

    As we said above, a greater part of their charming appeal crops up from stacking a variety of different textures, sizes and colors. This still leaves a lot of room for an individual expression to add or withdraw styles and sizes to your own choice. So, you are always open to progressive styles and tones each and every time. This keeps you trendy and gives you a vibrant look to your personality every time you step out.


    Final Word

    Of course, not everyone accepts everything but even the remarks of the critics about the latest trends add to the hype of a certain fashion. However, we leave it to you. It’s for you to decide what to wear and how to wear it. Are you a keen bracelet wearer or just starting up with the trend?

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