Customer Chat Support by Shoppers Paradise

Company Overview

Shoppers Paradise aims to provide unique products and interactive communication solutions to clients and their customers. We focus on service excellence, creativity and integrity. Our expert chat team has an abundant experience in providing chat services for a wide range of industries. We are able to grow your sales and reduce your communication costs. But we’re not just conversion tools and lead generators; we are always there for your customers. This way we build and create more value to your brand. Our aim is to make your customers happy to assure your happiness.


Online Web Chat Support Overview

Chatting one-on-one with your visitors means increased sales and reduced costs through real time contact. At Shoppers Paradise we give you a 100% fully hosted, on-demand, live chat solution. You do not need any internal software to install or even no servers to maintain.

We seamlessly integrate & customize a real-time chat that experience not only matches your brand but your visitors experience the best online customer service possible.


Software Features

  •  Rich text Chats
  • Canned Messages
  • File Transfer (bidirectional)
  • E-Mail Transcripts
  • (Automated) Proactive Chat Invites
  • Chat History / Archive
  • Chat Transfer
  • Operator to Operator Chats
  • Typing Notification